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Shop Update {New Printables for Valentine’s Day!}

Happy Monday, everyone! We had a great time in Houston but are glad to be home. I did a monstrous grocery run this morning because our fridge was quite bare. After I finish the rest of the laundry, I think we’ll be back to normal again!









We have some new Valentine’s Day printables over at James & Audrey Jo Design. I’m excited to incorporate these into a little holiday decor this week. My favorite is definitely the “You Belong with Me” print.

Do you have big Valentine’s Day decor plans? I love putting up a few simple things- something about the red+pink+hearts combo makes me smile!


Weekend Links


Emily at Jones Design Company has an adorable Valentine’s Day DIY with a free printable! If you’re still looking for fun V-day projects go check it out!

Apartment Therapy’s YOLO: The Renter’s Edition offer some great encouragement to those of us who love beautiful spaces but don’t live in houses we’re free to change at will. Just because you’re renting doesn’t mean you can’t make some adjustments that make your space your own. And speaking of home changes…

I love the perspective of this post from The Kitchn! “Most of us probably don’t cook in our dream kitchen. Instead, we deal with our kitchens’ quirks and inconveniences on a daily basis. But your kitchen can still be a place that you love and cherish, a place you enjoy, not merely tolerate.”

We’re always looking for healthy snack ideas, and we’re loving clementines this winter! Check out Michael’s recipe for dark chocolate covered clementines with chili salt for a surprising twist.

This post from Tsh is such an encouraging read and a great reminder to persevere in your everyday calling. “Our own individual stories, from birth to death, are all part of One Big Story, a beautiful, redemptive plot that leaves us hanging gape-mouthed with wonder and obsession.”

What are your weekend plans? We’re headed home after spending a week with my family in Houston, so mine hold lots of laundry, fridge restocking, and relaxation.

Thoughts on Valentine’s Day {and a few gift ideas for your valentine}

I’m a big fan of Valentine’s Day. What could be better than a whole day devoted to celebrating the people you love? However, I realize not everyone feels the same way- isn’t Valentine’s Day such a polarizing holiday? Either you’re big on the heart-shaped chocolates, red roses, and romantic dinners with your honey or the holiday simply serves as a painful, over-commercialized reminder that your love life doesn’t match up to the expectations you’ve imposed on yourself.

But, no matter the status of your love life, there are certainly people all around you who need to see real love played out in their everyday. Our world is full of broken, hurting people who desperately need love. It’s so very easy to go along living our lives, pursuing our dreams, and focusing completely on ourselves instead of pouring love and grace and Gospel into our relationships.

Why don’t we reclaim this Valentine’s Day and spend it focusing our hearts on He who loves us beyond measure, He who gave His life that we might have the chance to know and love Him in return? Why don’t we revel in the abundant grace and love that’s been lavished on us and then let it spread, leaving wholeness and healing behind as it flows from hurting heart to hurting heart?

No matter what side of the Valentine’s Day watershed you find yourself walking, I hope you’ll spend this season looking for ways to celebrate the ones who walk in and out of your life on a regular basis.

And whether your day is filled with pink and hearts and lace and chocolates or laundry and spilt milk and dirty floors and leftovers, you’ve got a fabulous opportunity to be intentional about speaking love into the lives of those you influence.

In the spirit of celebrating the ones you love and reminding your heart of the One who loves you, I’ve got some of my favorite Valentine’s Day gift picks below. They’re all handmade gifts from some of my favorite shops, and they’ll last a little longer than red roses and chocolate. 🙂


vdaykitchen{clockwise from top left} Ceramic Salt, Pepper and Sugar Cellars | Chalkboard Painted Dessert Bowls | Ceramic Bowl with Hearts | Ceramic Candy Heart Pendant | “Love You a Latte” Hand-stamped Spoon | Tall, Dark and Sweet Hand-stamped Spoon

  Love Story Sign | Love Never Fails Sign | Wooden Heart Garland | Home Sign | Ampersand Wall Tile | Wooden ‘Love’ Sign




lisa leonard designs {gifts for your valentine + a coupon code!}

I’ve featured Lisa Leonard’s jewelry before, but she has some gorgeous new designs that are perfect for Valentine’s Day! Here are my favorites:

Gold Full Circle Earrings

gold full circle earrings

Gold from Any Angle Earrings

gold from any angle earrings

Hope is the Thing Necklace

hope is the thing necklace

Silver Connected Bracelet

silver connected bracelet

Pennant Banner

pennant banner

Hugs & Kisses Keychain

hugs & kisses keychain

Today you can get 20% any regular priced item- just use coupon code “lovebig20” at checkout! The deadline for Valentine’s Day orders is this Wednesday, February 6th.

current crush: gallery walls

so this is the wall behind our couch.

i know! a bare beige wall. makes me a little sad. i’m still not positive about what we’ll hang here, but thanks to Pinterest, I’ve got some rockin’ inspiration.

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

 It all started with this amazing room from the nester. so many things i love about it! the gallery wall is fresh, uncluttered, and full of clean lines.

Source: via Audrey on Pinterest

then there was this room. right above a couch- perfect. don’t you love the way the colors of the room echo the colors in the photos?

Source: via Abby on Pinterest

oh, be still my heart! aside from the pictures of feet and the ampersand (this is a kindred spirit!), i love the way this wall incorporates different shapes and textures.


i’ve also been thinking about adding a shelf for some more interest. and for fewer holes in the wall. 🙂

and how adorable is this? shelf + portraits + a little subway art.


this is almost exactly what i’d like to do with our living room in the future- white slipcovers, chevron pillows, and the shelf that spans the whole wall.

do you have a gallery wall? what’s the layout like? is it mostly photos, or does it include other elements?


linking up with Danielle for Current Crush Thursday.

Current Crush Thursdays

oh, the spiders

So far it’s been a great week. I finally feel like I’m settling into a routine- the past few weeks have been a little frustrating because I’ve been struggling to find my place in my new role as a wife, working a part-time job from home, and attempting to unpack boxes and put our house in order. And you know what helped? A conversation with my sweet husband about the ways I felt I was struggling. Some time in prayer. And a cleaning/work schedule. Yep, I literally wrote out a cleaning schedule for myself. That’s Monday’s list up there- kickin’ it old school as an index card on the fridge. (Because nothing makes me feel in control and organized like an index card. I think that’s some kind of freakish mental thing that started in undergrad English classes- gotta have my index cards.)

Yesterday I ran some errands and did some hardcore unpacking and organizing and cleaning. I love our little house, but if there’s one thing I could change, I would eliminate the spider population. I know- the spiders are good! They eat other yucky bugs! Well, personally, I’d prefer to keep my house bug-free and spider-free. I wouldn’t consider myself a person that can’t handle bugs- working at camp in the desert cured me of that- but after the third or fourth spider of the day, it gets old, you know?

Last night there was an unfortunate incident with my trusty Dyson and a very threatening-looking spider. After which I had to deal with a sudden irrational fear that said spider had lived through being vacuumed up and could quite possibly lay eggs inside my vacuum and I would open the pantry to discover baby spiders streaming out of the vacuum. And I’ve had run-ins with baby spiders before, so I totally had the visual. Naturally I had to take apart the vacuum and wash it thoroughly before I could convince myself that we were safe. Yeah. I did so much cleaning yesterday that I even cleaned my vacuum. And I’m trying not to think about the spot on my leg that I noticed while we were on the couch watching Psych last night. The spot that looks quite a lot like a spider bite.

Seriously, y’all. Cleaning is not for sissies.

Any tips to beat the spiders? Are you a bug lover or a spider squisher?


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