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weekend links, no. 13

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It was a pretty quiet week for us. Which, after last week’s exciting car accident and power outage events isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Emma seems to be trying to shift her nap schedule around, which nervouses (yep, totally made-up word) me because I feel like we just finally got into a predictable routine! But apparently that’s how babies work…

around the web

She’s Your Collaborator, Not Your Competition. A well-written look at the subject of women, independence and marriage that offers helpful perspective for single and married people alike. 

The Ultimate Infographic Guide to Spices. I’m a sucker for a good infographic, and this one includes flavor profiles, pairings, suggested dishes and popular blends.

How remembering the cross can radically change our parenting. “The cross of Christ overcomes shame with grace.  Shame fosters our children’s feelings of being unworthy of love and acceptance, and creates hopelessness in their hearts. Shame tells them they will never be good enough. But grace!  Grace inspires HOPE. Grace affirms that, because of Jesus, there is absolutely nothing that can make us unlovable to God.  Grace affirms that Christ was enough for us.”

Why Mornings Don’t Make You Moral. Are you a morning person or a night owl? I’d put myself in the late morning category—you know, post breakfast and coffee.

what I’m reading
Daring Greatly. (still!) This book has been so thought-provoking for me. I’m having to read it more slowly than I would prefer, but I just don’t want to miss anything.
What’s Best Next: How the Gospel Transforms the Way You Get Things Done. Just started this, but it’s been really helpful so far.
Practical Theology for Women: How Knowing God Makes a Difference in Our Daily Lives. Another deep, thinking book! But so good- I’ve long wondered why I should even try to understand some of the more obscure theological truths when they don’t seem to affect my everyday, and this book is convincing me that I should try because they DO affect me. 

in other news

I made my first ThredUP purchase last week, and the clothes arrived a few days ago. Baby clothes always seem ridiculously expensive, especially considering how fast they’re grown out of and how roughly they’re treated (I’m looking at you, baby who like to smash avocado into everything). I’ve had some good luck shopping Buy/Sell/Trade groups on Facebook for gently used but good quality clothes, and now I can add ThredUP to my list. Oh, and if you sign up with my link, you and I both get $10 in credit! Win/win, yes? HT to my friend Christa for her post on how to get quality clothes on the cheap

ICYMI on the blog
I shared an easy Paleo/Whole30 weeknight dinner, Pork Chile Verde Stew, wrote about our third week of Whole30 and some of our favorite Baby Led Weaning gear

weekend links, no. 12

party without cake

week in review
We had some fun snow this week! There were predictions for 8-10 inches on Wednesday night, so naturally everyone planned for a snow day and cleaned the stores out of their bread and milk (this is the South, y’all). Except for me—I was buying avocados, red peppers, tomatoes, and spinach because #Whole30probs. We ended up only getting about 3 inches at our house, complete with an dramatic power outage that conveniently happened just as I finished cooking dinner. It only lasted a few hours, but we had fun breaking out the candles and building a nice fire. And then the power came back on and we were free to resume Netflixing and consuming our iPhone batteries with abandon.

Also, my husband was a passenger in a car that was rear-ended in a hit and run. Minor accident—he and his coworker were not injured, but since then we have received THIRTEEN pieces of mail from doctors, chiropractors and lawyers who specialize in accident injuries. HOW DO THEY KNOW? I’m assuming police reports aren’t just handed out, right? Is trolling Instagram for accident photos (even if they don’t use hashtags or location) the new ambulance-chasing? Is the NSA listening to our phone calls (I mean, I knew that already) and then passing this info along? If anyone could enlighten me on this subject I’d really appreciate it.

around the web
The Score of Our Lives. “Isn’t this what you’ve been seeking? For your life to have the meaning, significance, pleasure and power it ought to have? This is the music: the love of God for you. This is what “redirects” our worship. The Gospel. Because in the Gospel we see a God who pursues us to the very point of death, and by that death purchases for us the treasures — the infinite riches — of forgiveness, redemption, righteousness and an eternal inheritance.”

How to Make Friends as an Adult. “Quality friendships are ridiculously valuable and they require real effort.”

16 Shades of Sweet: a Guide to Sweet Potatoes. You guys. There are sixteen different kinds of sweet potatoes. (I bought Garnets this week, in case you were wondering.)

The Case for Treating Sugar Like a Dangerous Drug. I found this article interesting, especially in light of our Whole30. Sugar tax, anyone?

what I’m reading
Daring Greatly. This book has been so thought-provoking for me. I’m having to read it more slowly than I would prefer, but I just don’t want to miss anything.
Dark Places. Gillian Flynn novels tend to be pretty polarizing, but I’m on the side that enjoys them once in a while. Creative (but disturbing and graphic, so fair warning if you’re weak-stomached) plot and characters, and definitely un-put-down-able.
What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast. Fascinating, especially if you’re into how habits and routines contribute to success. I’m working on changing up some of my routines to reflect some of the things I learned in this book.

in other news
Have you seen The Hundred Foot Journey yet? Or Chef? Both fantastic movies that we thoroughly enjoyed. (Chef does have some coarse language and humor, FYI.) Both all about food, though—maybe Netflix knows we’re doing a Whole and is trying to a) help us live vicariously or b) taunt us with all the food we can’t eat by sending us all the food-related movies in our DVD queue. Whatevs. We’re gonna win this one, Netflix. It did crack us up to watch modern-day Jon Favreau right after we’d finished the Friends episodes where he guest stars. 

ICYMI on the blog
I wrote about desires and grace and the difficulty of keeping open hands when you’re waiting.
And recapped our second week of whole 30.

weekend links

slow cooker chicken tikka masala | I love Indian food, and this recipe has the added benefit of being gluten and dairy free. Plus who doesn’t love a good slow-cooker recipe? It’s on the menu for this week!

to the mother with only one child | “Dear mother, don’t worry about enjoying your life.  Your life is hard; your life will be hard.  That doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong—it means you’re doing it right.”

the 30 best baby costumes ever | Um, baby Harry Potter? So cute!

Weekend Links


Source: via Audrey on Pinterest


Happy weekend, everybody!! Here’s a little collection of the best things I found on the interwebz this week.

Double Spinach Pasta Casserole with Pesto and Asiago Cheese. We had this for dinner last night and, suffice it to say, I’m a big fan. Fortunately there are some leftovers in the fridge so I’ll be able to completely relive the experience.

Eggs Benedict con Queso. Eggs Benedict is one of my favorite brunch foods. And with queso on top? Get in my belly! Can’t wait to try this recipe.

An Infographic to Help You Cook Almost Any Grain. Such a handy chart! When I try to cook grains, I always have to frantically google on my phone for the correct proportions and times… I’m gonna print this and pop it on the fridge with the rest of the handy kitchen info.

Creating Simplified + Organized Personal Reference Files. This post is awesome, and it’s just what needs to happen to my personal files. I mean, they’re preeeeetty organized, but they’re not like this.

The Most Offensive Verse in the Bible. “We have only two options. We can discover the true value assigned by the Creator and revealed in His Word, the Bible; or we can rebel against that meaning.”

The History of Music in One Draw. Um, this is pretty awesome. I realize that not everyone in the world is as much of a music nerd as I am, but if you’ve got even a little bit of music-loving inside you, you’ll appreciate at least some portion of this video.

What are your weekend plans? We’re doing a little house-hunting and hanging out with some friends- a perfect relaxing weekend!

Weekend Links


I’m excited to try this crockpot steel-cut oats recipe! I’ve made a few other recipes in the past,  but none of them have been quite what I’m looking for. Perhaps this one will be?

We had this Roasted Red Pepper and Goat Cheese Alfredo for dinner last week and it was fabulous.

Source: via Audrey on Pinterest

I love the beautiful Cake giclee prints in Paul Ferney’s shop! Wouldn’t these be fun in a kitchen or office?

Source: via Audrey on Pinterest


Crave, one of my favorite local shops, just released these adorable ceramic magnets. They come in sets of three, in your choice of some great colors. And they’re available on Etsy if you’re not local!

Ann Voskamp speaks beautifully of Gospel and grace and Jesus in her post When You Need the Very Best Valentine.

What’s in store for your weekend? We’re headed out for a special post-Valentine’s day dinner tonight and just working around the house until then. There’s a half-painted dresser sitting in the middle of the kitchen that I’m hoping to get a little closer to finished- painting always seems to take a little longer than I anticipate! At least I have plenty of episode of Alias on Netflix to watch while I sand and paint. 🙂

Weekend Links


Emily at Jones Design Company has an adorable Valentine’s Day DIY with a free printable! If you’re still looking for fun V-day projects go check it out!

Apartment Therapy’s YOLO: The Renter’s Edition offer some great encouragement to those of us who love beautiful spaces but don’t live in houses we’re free to change at will. Just because you’re renting doesn’t mean you can’t make some adjustments that make your space your own. And speaking of home changes…

I love the perspective of this post from The Kitchn! “Most of us probably don’t cook in our dream kitchen. Instead, we deal with our kitchens’ quirks and inconveniences on a daily basis. But your kitchen can still be a place that you love and cherish, a place you enjoy, not merely tolerate.”

We’re always looking for healthy snack ideas, and we’re loving clementines this winter! Check out Michael’s recipe for dark chocolate covered clementines with chili salt for a surprising twist.

This post from Tsh is such an encouraging read and a great reminder to persevere in your everyday calling. “Our own individual stories, from birth to death, are all part of One Big Story, a beautiful, redemptive plot that leaves us hanging gape-mouthed with wonder and obsession.”

What are your weekend plans? We’re headed home after spending a week with my family in Houston, so mine hold lots of laundry, fridge restocking, and relaxation.