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Things We Love: Edition Baby Led Weaning

Baby Led Weaning Essentials

Emma’s been eating “solids” for about four months now, so I figured it was time to share a little bit about how and what she eats. If you’re not familiar with Baby Led Weaning, the elevator pitch is that you skip purées and go straight to “grownup food,” which gives babies the opportunity to self feed and generally makes life easier on you as parents. It’s very possibly the lazy way to feed your baby real food. And I’m totally on board with that. 

I plan to do a full post on the hows and whys of BLW eventually, but for now I’ll just share a few things that have made our BLW journey a little easier.

1. Bibs with pockets: We use both of these bibs. The Oxo version usually lives in the diaper bag for restaurant meals and the Tommee Tippee version stays at home. The best part of each of them is obviously the pocket- most of the food that gets dropped by little fingers (or ejected from a little mouth) lands in the pocket. Then when she runs out of food, we scoop up whatever’s in the pocket and put it back in front of her. Recently she’s discovered the pocket and its food-catching abilities and she’ll feed herself right out of it. The perfect pocket bib would be a mashup of these two: the softer silicone of the Oxo (and its fold-up ability) paired with the all-one-piece silicone design of the Tommee Tippee.

2. EZPZ Happy Mat: I have a real problem when it comes to Kickstarter. There are so many ingenious ideas out there, and sometimes I just get sucked into the black hole that is Kickstarter and I’m ready to back all the things. The Happy Mat is one of my most recent Kickstarter backs. It sticks to the table with magic suction. We do use it, but honestly it’ll be a better solution for when she’s older- for now, she can’t quite reach all of the compartments. But I still think it’s totally awesome and I wanted to tell you about it. 

3. Stokke Tripp Trapp: I fell in love with this highchair when I was pregnant and wrote it off as something we wouldn’t be able to purchase because it’s pricy, y’all. But lo and behold, people offload these on Craigslist all. the. time. It was just a matter of waiting and stalking before I found the perfect one! We love it because it pulls straight up to the table—no need for a tray— and it’s super easy to clean. Also, it will grow with her so she’ll be able to use it long after she’s left the highchair stage. And it’s pretty good-looking, no?

 4. BLASKA Dust pan and brush: Here’s the thing about BLW: it’s messy. Like super messy. I’ve heard people say that if your kid and your floor aren’t a mess, you’re doing it wrong. So this little broom + dustpan set has been really useful for us. Plus, you know, it was $1.49 at Ikea. I hear that having a dog also helps with the whole floor-cleanup thing.

5. Green Sprouts Glass Sip ‘n Straw cup: We really try to stay away from plastic in the kitchen, given concerns about BPA and other potentially harmful components. I didn’t think I would be able to find a glass sippy, but this one has a plastic sleeve outside and glass inside, so it works well. It’s pretty durable so far, but not totally leakproof, so I don’t know that I’d put milk or juice in it and just throw it in my bag. We also have the stainless Safe Sippy 2, but I really prefer to be able to see what’s inside and I just think water tastes better in glass. Emma hasn’t quite figured out the straw learning curve yet, but she’ll get the hang of it eventually. Since all of her hydration still comes from breastmilk, I’m not in a hurry for her to use the cup. I also just learned about SipSnap lids, which are little silicone lids that fit over any cup and turn it into a straw cup or sippy. Perfect for mason jars! I may have to order a set and try them out. I’m thinking they would work well for grownup smoothies and iced coffees in said mason jars, too.

Things I Love: Edition It’s Freezing

Don’t make fun, Northerners and others who are accustomed to cold weather. It’s been a cold week in Charlotte! We’re bundling up in fuzzy blankets and slippers and staying inside. I thought I’d share a few things that I’m loving lately:

Things I Love: Snow Day



 Aveda Paddle Brush: My hair is long and rather prone to tangles. To be honest, most days I just pile it up on top of my head in a messy bun and call it good. (Mama hair, amirite?) But on days when I want to blow it out and straighten it, this brush does the trick and makes me feel like I’m getting a head massage in to boot. Worth it.

Instant Pot: My parents got me this for Christmas, and it’s currently my kitchen superhero. Especially now during our Whole30. Combination rice cooker, pressure cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, and more- it is incredibly versatile! Just this week I’ve used it to make hardboiled eggs (that are way easy to peel), bone broth, beef stew, and chicken soup. And that was all before Wednesday.  

Faux Leather Bag: When Emma was born, I received a fabulous diaper bag as a gift. It was perfect- tons of pockets, wipeable surface, and cute without being cutesy. But I have a little problem with bags- I like to switch them out a lot because I get bored easily. So I switched to a cute cloth striped bag for a while, and then I discovered this beauty. It’s faux leather (wipeable!), reversible, and it stands up on its own (no more spilling all over the floor!). The only thing that could make it better would be pockets. It looks like the color I have is sold out- but there’s a new version that comes with a removable insert (and pockets!). Soooooo maybe there’ll be a new bag around these parts before long. Also, I saw some similar-looking bags at Old Navy the other day. 

LOFT Heart Earrings: One of Emma’s favorite pastimes is giving me wet, drooly kisses all over the side of my face- including my ears. Freaking adorable, to be sure, but she’s also fascinated with whatever earrings I happen to be wearing. After a close call with a cute dangly earring, I’ve taken to wearing smaller post earrings that don’t dangle at all in order to avoid being de-earringed by my very curious baby. I was placing an order at Loft recently and needed a little something extra to bump me up over the free shipping threshold. And these were on sale! They’re super cute and delicate, and I’m not worried that my sweet babe will rip them out of my ears. So it’s a win all around, really.

Love and Toast Hand Cream: I never used to have a problem with this, but this winter the skin on my hands is horribly dry. Emma and I were browsing through Earth Fare a few weeks ago and I grabbed this on a whim, knowing that I would love the grapefruit flavor and hoping that it would be helpful for my poor hands. And it has been! The smell is divine, and it leaves my hands nice and soft.

And there you have it! I hope that wherever you are, you’re warmer than I am. And if not, dream with me of Spring because it’s right around the corner!