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Weekend Links


Emily at Jones Design Company has an adorable Valentine’s Day DIY with a free printable! If you’re still looking for fun V-day projects go check it out!

Apartment Therapy’s YOLO: The Renter’s Edition offer some great encouragement to those of us who love beautiful spaces but don’t live in houses we’re free to change at will. Just because you’re renting doesn’t mean you can’t make some adjustments that make your space your own. And speaking of home changes…

I love the perspective of this post from The Kitchn! “Most of us probably don’t cook in our dream kitchen. Instead, we deal with our kitchens’ quirks and inconveniences on a daily basis.┬áBut your kitchen can still be a place that you love and cherish, a place you enjoy, not merely tolerate.”

We’re always looking for healthy snack ideas, and we’re loving clementines this winter!┬áCheck out Michael’s recipe for dark chocolate covered clementines with chili salt for a surprising twist.

This post from Tsh is such an encouraging read and a great reminder to persevere in your everyday calling. “Our own individual stories, from birth to death, are all part of One Big Story, a beautiful, redemptive plot that leaves us hanging gape-mouthed with wonder and obsession.”

What are your weekend plans? We’re headed home after spending a week with my family in Houston, so mine hold lots of laundry, fridge restocking, and relaxation.