Whole30 Recap: Week Two

So we’re halfway through our Whole30! If you’re wondering what a Whole30 is or curious as to why we’re doing one, check out my Whole30 Recap: Week One

Here’s the nitty gritty for week two:


  • Trying to use fewer potatoes, at least for James- and not always succeeding, ha! I love potatoes and do eat them purposefully to help maintain my milk supply. But if you’re focused on weight loss, you should probably eat fewer of them.
  • I’ve linked to recipes where I used them.
  • We are loving the Whole30 version of bulletproof coffee- our regular black coffee blended with a spoonful of ghee. Tastes incredible and counts as a fat serving for breakfast.
  • I ate a little more fruit this week, but tried to have it with meals and/or pair it with a fat.

Tuesday, Day 8IMG_2971.JPG
breakfast: sausage, spinach, potato hash with bulletproof coffee
lunch: salad with romaine, power greens, beets, blueberries, cucumber, tomato, grilled chicken, pistachios, olive oil and lemon juice for dressing
dinner: roasted garlic chicken soup, apple, almond butter

Wednesday, Day 9
breakfast: nothing. slept in and wasn’t hungry (skipping meals is not recommended! but i’m just being honest here.)
lunch: leftover roasted garlic chicken soup
dinner: Slow Cooker Squeaky Clean Beef Bourgignon (fantastic!) over mashed potatoes
snack: macadamia nuts, blueberries

Thursday, Day 10IMG_2992.JPG
breakfast: frittata with asparagus, prosciutto, and mushrooms. bulletproof coffee
lunch: spicy tuna cakes, avocado, sugar snap peas
dinner: bora bora fireballs (these were tasty but dry. probably because I misread the recipe and made them with ground turkey instead of pork. facepalm), Asian slaw (I just kinda winged this one- cabbage, red peppers, carrots, cashews in a dressing of coconut aminos, rice vinegar and sesame seeds), sweet potato. raspberries and coconut butter
snack: macadamias

IMG_3012.JPGFriday, Day 11
breakfast: sausage, sweet potato, zucchini hash. bulletproof coffee
lunch: kalua pig, sweet potato, sugar snap peas
dinner: burgers with roasted portobello buns, bacon, tomato, avocado, sweet potato fries

Saturday, Day 12
breakfast: sweet potato, spinach and sausage hash
lunch: leftover roasted garlic chicken soup
dinner: burrito bowls (leftover chicken/steak over cauliflower rice, peppers & onions, guac)

Sunday, Day 13
breakfast: hardboiled eggs, green smoothie (smoothies are not recommended, but it was a crazy morning for us and i was scrambling to get veggies+fat in an easy portable breakfast. must plan ahead next time! shoutout to my Instant Pot for three-minute boiled eggs, though.)
lunch: Chipotle salads, plantain chips, guac (Chipotle carnitas are compliant, along with the guacamole and all of the salsas except corn)
dinner: hash browns, fried eggs, homemade sausage

Monday, Day 14
breakfast: pig in a skillet. bulletproof coffee.
lunch: taco mason jar salad with salsa and plantain chips (James). roast beef rollups with veggies, avocado and Tessemae’s Cracked Pepper dressing (me)
dinner: kalua pig, sweet potato, avocado

So far, we’ve noticed a few NSVs (that’s Whole30-speak for non scale victories), including more energy—James says he’s not experiencing an afternoon crash anymore, body composition changes—I had to wear a belt to keep my jeans on the other day, and I feel like I’ve nearly gotten a handle on my sugar addiction/cravings.


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