things we love: newborn edition

We’re long past the newborn days, seeing that our sweet E is almost five months old now (WHAT? HOW?), but I thought I might share some of our favorite things from that stage. I spent hours agonizing over our registry- reading reviews, comparing products- and in the end it’s true that all your baby really only needs warm clothes, diapers, a safe place to sleep, something to eat, and YOU. That said, there are a whole lot of things out there that make your life easier in some fashion or another. These were our favorites!

newborn essentials

1. Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle – We’re breastfeeding successfully now, but because of Emma’s time in the NICU the beginning of that relationship was rocky. I pumped and bottlefed for a few weeks. We still use these occasionally, but not as much as we anticipated since I ended up not going back to work. I love the fun colors and the fact that they’re made of glass.

2. Honest Company Diapers – We cloth diaper most of the time, but when she was first born our one-size cloth diapers were too big. Plus during the newborn stage there are a LOT of diapers, am I right? I love the cute patterns on the Honest Company diapers and the fact that they’re eco-friendly and chlorine-free. 

3. Happy Baby Wrap Organic Bamboo Baby Carrier – A lot of people swear by the Moby wrap for infants, but it was just too much fabric for me, especially with a summer baby. The Happy Wrap is made of stretchy, breathable bamboo and comes in great colors and adorable patterns. We loved it!

4. aden + anais Classic Muslin Swaddle Blanket – These are stretchy, breathable, and huge- perfect for swaddling. Also perfect for covering a sleeping baby’s carseat, acting as an emergency changing pad or spitup rag… so many possibilities! 

5. Nosefrida Nasal Aspirator – I much prefer using this over the traditional bulb syringe. I would love to say that Emma prefers it too, but honestly booger-sucking time may be one of her least favorite activities!

6. WubbaNub Giraffe – Opinions on pacifier use are definitely widespread, but E started using one in NICU and really loved it for the first few months. The weight of the WubbaNub helped keep the paci in place so that when she spit it out it didn’t go flying across the room. A lifesaver for a tired mama in a dark bedroom!


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