This is our sweet baby girl Emma Noelle.


She made a rather dramatic entry into the world that included 60+ hours of labor and 6 days in the NICU. While I honestly could have done without all that, it’s her story and she is strong and brave and beautiful and I can’t wait to tell her all about it someday.

family 5:14
The first few weeks were somewhere in between a haze and a blur of eating, sleeping, snuggling, staring at her beautiful face, and listening to her baby squeaks and grunts. And occasional screams- we didn’t realize just how much those screams would echo thanks to the wood floors and tall ceiling in our old living room!

Emma is almost five months old now and we are having the time of our lives! It’s not all fun and games, of course, but we’re thoroughly enjoying this phase of her life.

When we told our friends that Emma was on her way, one of them said, “It [having a baby] will change your life forever- in all the best ways.” Such true words! We can’t imagine life without her- and we wouldn’t want to.

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