Thoughts on Valentine’s Day {and a few gift ideas for your valentine}

I’m a big fan of Valentine’s Day. What could be better than a whole day devoted to celebrating the people you love? However, I realize not everyone feels the same way- isn’t Valentine’s Day such a polarizing holiday? Either you’re big on the heart-shaped chocolates, red roses, and romantic dinners with your honey or the holiday simply serves as a painful, over-commercialized reminder that your love life doesn’t match up to the expectations you’ve imposed on yourself.

But, no matter the status of your love life, there are certainly people all around you who need to see real love played out in their everyday. Our world is full of broken, hurting people who desperately need love. It’s so very easy to go along living our lives, pursuing our dreams, and focusing completely on ourselves instead of pouring love and grace and Gospel into our relationships.

Why don’t we reclaim this Valentine’s Day and spend it focusing our hearts on He who loves us beyond measure, He who gave His life that we might have the chance to know and love Him in return? Why don’t we revel in the abundant grace and love that’s been lavished on us and then let it spread, leaving wholeness and healing behind as it flows from hurting heart to hurting heart?

No matter what side of the Valentine’s Day watershed you find yourself walking, I hope you’ll spend this season looking for ways to celebrate the ones who walk in and out of your life on a regular basis.

And whether your day is filled with pink and hearts and lace and chocolates or laundry and spilt milk and dirty floors and leftovers, you’ve got a fabulous opportunity to be intentional about speaking love into the lives of those you influence.

In the spirit of celebrating the ones you love and reminding your heart of the One who loves you, I’ve got some of my favorite Valentine’s Day gift picks below. They’re all handmade gifts from some of my favorite shops, and they’ll last a little longer than red roses and chocolate. 🙂


vdaykitchen{clockwise from top left} Ceramic Salt, Pepper and Sugar Cellars | Chalkboard Painted Dessert Bowls | Ceramic Bowl with Hearts | Ceramic Candy Heart Pendant | “Love You a Latte” Hand-stamped Spoon | Tall, Dark and Sweet Hand-stamped Spoon

  Love Story Sign | Love Never Fails Sign | Wooden Heart Garland | Home Sign | Ampersand Wall Tile | Wooden ‘Love’ Sign




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