current crush: gallery walls

so this is the wall behind our couch.

i know! a bare beige wall. makes me a little sad. i’m still not positive about what we’ll hang here, but thanks to Pinterest, I’ve got some rockin’ inspiration.

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

 It all started with this amazing room from the nester. so many things i love about it! the gallery wall is fresh, uncluttered, and full of clean lines.

Source: via Audrey on Pinterest

then there was this room. right above a couch- perfect. don’t you love the way the colors of the room echo the colors in the photos?

Source: via Abby on Pinterest

oh, be still my heart! aside from the pictures of feet and the ampersand (this is a kindred spirit!), i love the way this wall incorporates different shapes and textures.


i’ve also been thinking about adding a shelf for some more interest. and for fewer holes in the wall. 🙂

and how adorable is this? shelf + portraits + a little subway art.


this is almost exactly what i’d like to do with our living room in the future- white slipcovers, chevron pillows, and the shelf that spans the whole wall.

do you have a gallery wall? what’s the layout like? is it mostly photos, or does it include other elements?


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10 thoughts on “current crush: gallery walls

    1. audrey Post author

      yes! that’s the danger of pinterest inspiration… after spending a little time ogling gorgeous pics i end up wanting to change my entire house!

  1. Ashley

    I am just dying to create one of these walls!!! I just haven’t found the right set of items to create the visual impact I want. Great inspiration pics!


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