From the Archives: God in the Margins

If we move too fast, God gets put in the margins of our lives, squeezed to the sidelines.

What would happen to my life if I put God in the center of the page? If His influence and presence were seen in every sentence, in every note that I jot to myself?

Sometimes my life gets so full that the margins become exceedingly narrow. God gets the tiny leftover spaces, or He gets shoved off the page entirely. A hurried life… pushes God out from the center of my life and into the margins, which are airmail thin.

Spiritual growth comes from listening to God and responding to Him in ways we might not have planned ahead of time. When there is no extra space in our lives, when we are living a “marginless life”, we have no reserves.

from Breathe: Creating Space For God in a Hectic Life by keri wyatt kent.

4 thoughts on “From the Archives: God in the Margins

    1. audrey Post author

      Thanks for stopping by! I would definitely recommend Keri’s book- it’s all about how to intentionally make time for your relationship with God in the midst of a busy life that doesn’t slow down. I think it’s out of print, but if you follow the link on the post you can find used copies on Amazon for super cheap. The book was so helpful to me a few years ago.


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