on resolutions- i mean ‘goals’

i’ve read several thoughtful articles recently on the subject of resolutions. specifically, from sharon and mark. and here’s what i’m doing this year- i’m not making resolutions. or, at least, i’m not calling them resolutions. because honestly, the very word ‘resolution’ makes me shudder a bit. it conjures up images of straining, striving, and trying. not images of achievement and satisfaction. so this year i’m setting some goals. because the word ‘goal’ brings to mind inspiration, aspiration, and possibility. and i’m not going to beat myself up over failures. i’m not going to pin all my hopes and dreams on their maturation. i am going to include practical, actionable, intentional ways to accomplish each goal- the rubber-meets-road.

and i’m not going to post my entire 2012 goals list here. suffice it to say that it includes things like budgeting, healthy living, and study of the Word, plus a few off-beat things like planning a lovely wedding and cleaning my car out regularly.

have you made any goals for 2012? what are they?

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