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for each new morningweek in review

It was a pretty quiet week for us. Which, after last week’s exciting car accident and power outage events isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Emma seems to be trying to shift her nap schedule around, which nervouses (yep, totally made-up word) me because I feel like we just finally got into a predictable routine! But apparently that’s how babies work…

around the web

She’s Your Collaborator, Not Your Competition. A well-written look at the subject of women, independence and marriage that offers helpful perspective for single and married people alike. 

The Ultimate Infographic Guide to Spices. I’m a sucker for a good infographic, and this one includes flavor profiles, pairings, suggested dishes and popular blends.

How remembering the cross can radically change our parenting. “The cross of Christ overcomes shame with grace.  Shame fosters our children’s feelings of being unworthy of love and acceptance, and creates hopelessness in their hearts. Shame tells them they will never be good enough. But grace!  Grace inspires HOPE. Grace affirms that, because of Jesus, there is absolutely nothing that can make us unlovable to God.  Grace affirms that Christ was enough for us.”

Why Mornings Don’t Make You Moral. Are you a morning person or a night owl? I’d put myself in the late morning category—you know, post breakfast and coffee.

what I’m reading
Daring Greatly. (still!) This book has been so thought-provoking for me. I’m having to read it more slowly than I would prefer, but I just don’t want to miss anything.
What’s Best Next: How the Gospel Transforms the Way You Get Things Done. Just started this, but it’s been really helpful so far.
Practical Theology for Women: How Knowing God Makes a Difference in Our Daily Lives. Another deep, thinking book! But so good- I’ve long wondered why I should even try to understand some of the more obscure theological truths when they don’t seem to affect my everyday, and this book is convincing me that I should try because they DO affect me. 

in other news

I made my first ThredUP purchase last week, and the clothes arrived a few days ago. Baby clothes always seem ridiculously expensive, especially considering how fast they’re grown out of and how roughly they’re treated (I’m looking at you, baby who like to smash avocado into everything). I’ve had some good luck shopping Buy/Sell/Trade groups on Facebook for gently used but good quality clothes, and now I can add ThredUP to my list. Oh, and if you sign up with my link, you and I both get $10 in credit! Win/win, yes? HT to my friend Christa for her post on how to get quality clothes on the cheap

ICYMI on the blog
I shared an easy Paleo/Whole30 weeknight dinner, Pork Chile Verde Stew, wrote about our third week of Whole30 and some of our favorite Baby Led Weaning gear

Things We Love: Edition Baby Led Weaning

Baby Led Weaning Essentials

Emma’s been eating “solids” for about four months now, so I figured it was time to share a little bit about how and what she eats. If you’re not familiar with Baby Led Weaning, the elevator pitch is that you skip purées and go straight to “grownup food,” which gives babies the opportunity to self feed and generally makes life easier on you as parents. It’s very possibly the lazy way to feed your baby real food. And I’m totally on board with that. 

I plan to do a full post on the hows and whys of BLW eventually, but for now I’ll just share a few things that have made our BLW journey a little easier.

1. Bibs with pockets: We use both of these bibs. The Oxo version usually lives in the diaper bag for restaurant meals and the Tommee Tippee version stays at home. The best part of each of them is obviously the pocket- most of the food that gets dropped by little fingers (or ejected from a little mouth) lands in the pocket. Then when she runs out of food, we scoop up whatever’s in the pocket and put it back in front of her. Recently she’s discovered the pocket and its food-catching abilities and she’ll feed herself right out of it. The perfect pocket bib would be a mashup of these two: the softer silicone of the Oxo (and its fold-up ability) paired with the all-one-piece silicone design of the Tommee Tippee.

2. EZPZ Happy Mat: I have a real problem when it comes to Kickstarter. There are so many ingenious ideas out there, and sometimes I just get sucked into the black hole that is Kickstarter and I’m ready to back all the things. The Happy Mat is one of my most recent Kickstarter backs. It sticks to the table with magic suction. We do use it, but honestly it’ll be a better solution for when she’s older- for now, she can’t quite reach all of the compartments. But I still think it’s totally awesome and I wanted to tell you about it. 

3. Stokke Tripp Trapp: I fell in love with this highchair when I was pregnant and wrote it off as something we wouldn’t be able to purchase because it’s pricy, y’all. But lo and behold, people offload these on Craigslist all. the. time. It was just a matter of waiting and stalking before I found the perfect one! We love it because it pulls straight up to the table—no need for a tray— and it’s super easy to clean. Also, it will grow with her so she’ll be able to use it long after she’s left the highchair stage. And it’s pretty good-looking, no?

 4. BLASKA Dust pan and brush: Here’s the thing about BLW: it’s messy. Like super messy. I’ve heard people say that if your kid and your floor aren’t a mess, you’re doing it wrong. So this little broom + dustpan set has been really useful for us. Plus, you know, it was $1.49 at Ikea. I hear that having a dog also helps with the whole floor-cleanup thing.

5. Green Sprouts Glass Sip ‘n Straw cup: We really try to stay away from plastic in the kitchen, given concerns about BPA and other potentially harmful components. I didn’t think I would be able to find a glass sippy, but this one has a plastic sleeve outside and glass inside, so it works well. It’s pretty durable so far, but not totally leakproof, so I don’t know that I’d put milk or juice in it and just throw it in my bag. We also have the stainless Safe Sippy 2, but I really prefer to be able to see what’s inside and I just think water tastes better in glass. Emma hasn’t quite figured out the straw learning curve yet, but she’ll get the hang of it eventually. Since all of her hydration still comes from breastmilk, I’m not in a hurry for her to use the cup. I also just learned about SipSnap lids, which are little silicone lids that fit over any cup and turn it into a straw cup or sippy. Perfect for mason jars! I may have to order a set and try them out. I’m thinking they would work well for grownup smoothies and iced coffees in said mason jars, too.

Whole30 Recap: Week Three

Whole30, week three

We finished Week Three! If you missed my other posts about our Whole30, find them here: 

Whole30 Recap: Week One
Whole30 Recap: Week Two


  • I’ve linked to recipes where I used them.
  • We are loving the Whole30 version of bulletproof coffee- our regular black coffee blended with a spoonful of ghee. Tastes incredible and counts as a fat serving for breakfast.
  • I cured and smoked some pork belly this week for homemade bacon. Yes, I may have gotten slightly carried away. Yes, it tastes incredible. 
  • As I noted last week, smoothies aren’t recommended but I occasionally have one on a rushed morning when I need to get in veggies and don’t have time to sit and eat.

Here’s what we ate:

Tuesday, Day 15Pork Chile Verde Stew
breakfast: spinach + red pepper omelette. bulletproof coffee
lunch: Applegate roast beef, red peppers and snow peas, guacamole
dinner: Pork Chile Verde Stew, Avocado

Wednesday, Day 16
breakfast: steak and eggs with avocado, spinach, tomato. coffee, 1/2 banana
lunch: leftover Pork Chile Verde Stew, avocado, plantain chips
dinner: spaghetti squash with meat sauce (compliant sausage + Nello’s Marinara), salad

Thursday, Day 17
breakfast: pig in a skillet, bulletproof coffee
lunch: mason jar salad, leftover kalua pig over sweet potato
dinner: potato, red pepper, Aidell’s chicken apple sausage hash with fried eggs

Friday, Day 18
breakfast: spinach and mushroom omelette, bulletproof coffee
lunch: Applegate roast beef, cucumbers, tomatoes, guacamole
dinner: almond crusted chicken, raw veggies, sweet potato fries

Saturday, Day 19IMG_3102.JPG
breakfast: breakfast salad (runny fried eggs over spinach with bacon + balsamic) (James) Anti-Inflammatory Power Mango Smoothie  (me)
lunch: BLTA salads with leftover almond chicken (and homemade bacon!)
dinner: Chipotle salads, plantain chips, guac (Chipotle carnitas are compliant, along with the guacamole and all of the salsas except corn)

Sunday, Day 20
breakfast: potato, red pepper, sausage and fried egg hash, coffee
lunch: kalua pig, sweet potato fries, raw veggies with cauliflower hummus
dinner: Date Night! We went to The Fig House, a local restaurant, and were able to customize our meals to make them compliant. James had trout with asparagus, artichoke hearts, and pancetta. I had lamb chops with braised kale. 

Monday, Day 21IMG_3118.JPG
breakfast: potatoes, sausage, steamed kale and berries (Emma and I had a breakfast date at Whole Foods before we did our grocery shopping), coffee
lunch: tuna salad with brussels, celery, and homemade mayo, plantain chips, strawberries
dinner: chili lime chicken burgers (from the frozen section at Trader Joe’s) with guacamole, jicama + red pepper + tomato slaw
snack: banana + almond butter
Honestly, this week was much harder than the first two for me. I think part of that is because we’re getting a little bored, so I’m trying to add some more variety for week four. Also because I can’t stop thinking about how much better everything would taste with cheese. And cupcakes. This week I discovered that I kind of hate cauliflower, so there’s that. Seven more days!

Pork Chile Verde Stew (Whole30/Paleo friendly)

Last Tuesday was cold and snowy (unusual weather for Charlotte!) and I was in the mood for soup. I was thinking I’d try a Paleo/Whole30 version of chicken posole but couldn’t think of a great replacement for hominy. And I didn’t have any thawed chicken, ha. So I scraped together some random veggies, bone broth, and leftover kalua pig for this loose interpretation of my mom’s White Chicken Chili.

(Apologies for the picture! It was a last-minute snap just before we started eating.)


Pork Chile Verde Stew
Serves 6
Write a review
140 calories
15 g
5 g
7 g
6 g
1 g
290 g
369 g
5 g
0 g
5 g
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size
Amount Per Serving
Calories 140
Calories from Fat 61
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 7g
Saturated Fat 1g
Trans Fat 0g
Polyunsaturated Fat 1g
Monounsaturated Fat 4g
Cholesterol 5mg
Sodium 369mg
Total Carbohydrates 15g
Dietary Fiber 4g
Sugars 5g
Protein 6g
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
  1. fat for cooking (i used lard; olive oil or ghee also work well)
  2. 1/2 white onion, chopped
  3. 2 cloves garlic, minced
  4. 8 oz. canned green chiles
  5. 2 tsp. ground cumin
  6. 1 1/2 tsp. dried oregano
  7. 4 cups chicken stock or bone broth
  8. 2 medium turnips, chopped
  9. 4 cups cooked pork shoulder, shredded
  10. 4 oz. frozen spinach (or a few handfuls of fresh)
  11. avocado, for serving
  1. Sauté onion in fat until translucent.
  2. Add garlic, cumin and oregano and sauté until fragrant.
  3. Add chiles, broth, turnips, pork, and spinach and bring to a boil.
  4. After stew boils, reduce to a simmer for 15-20 minutes, until turnips are cooked through.
  5. Serve with chopped avocado.
audrey steinbach https://audreysteinbach.com/

weekend links, no. 12

party without cake

week in review
We had some fun snow this week! There were predictions for 8-10 inches on Wednesday night, so naturally everyone planned for a snow day and cleaned the stores out of their bread and milk (this is the South, y’all). Except for me—I was buying avocados, red peppers, tomatoes, and spinach because #Whole30probs. We ended up only getting about 3 inches at our house, complete with an dramatic power outage that conveniently happened just as I finished cooking dinner. It only lasted a few hours, but we had fun breaking out the candles and building a nice fire. And then the power came back on and we were free to resume Netflixing and consuming our iPhone batteries with abandon.

Also, my husband was a passenger in a car that was rear-ended in a hit and run. Minor accident—he and his coworker were not injured, but since then we have received THIRTEEN pieces of mail from doctors, chiropractors and lawyers who specialize in accident injuries. HOW DO THEY KNOW? I’m assuming police reports aren’t just handed out, right? Is trolling Instagram for accident photos (even if they don’t use hashtags or location) the new ambulance-chasing? Is the NSA listening to our phone calls (I mean, I knew that already) and then passing this info along? If anyone could enlighten me on this subject I’d really appreciate it.

around the web
The Score of Our Lives. “Isn’t this what you’ve been seeking? For your life to have the meaning, significance, pleasure and power it ought to have? This is the music: the love of God for you. This is what “redirects” our worship. The Gospel. Because in the Gospel we see a God who pursues us to the very point of death, and by that death purchases for us the treasures — the infinite riches — of forgiveness, redemption, righteousness and an eternal inheritance.”

How to Make Friends as an Adult. “Quality friendships are ridiculously valuable and they require real effort.”

16 Shades of Sweet: a Guide to Sweet Potatoes. You guys. There are sixteen different kinds of sweet potatoes. (I bought Garnets this week, in case you were wondering.)

The Case for Treating Sugar Like a Dangerous Drug. I found this article interesting, especially in light of our Whole30. Sugar tax, anyone?

what I’m reading
Daring Greatly. This book has been so thought-provoking for me. I’m having to read it more slowly than I would prefer, but I just don’t want to miss anything.
Dark Places. Gillian Flynn novels tend to be pretty polarizing, but I’m on the side that enjoys them once in a while. Creative (but disturbing and graphic, so fair warning if you’re weak-stomached) plot and characters, and definitely un-put-down-able.
What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast. Fascinating, especially if you’re into how habits and routines contribute to success. I’m working on changing up some of my routines to reflect some of the things I learned in this book.

in other news
Have you seen The Hundred Foot Journey yet? Or Chef? Both fantastic movies that we thoroughly enjoyed. (Chef does have some coarse language and humor, FYI.) Both all about food, though—maybe Netflix knows we’re doing a Whole and is trying to a) help us live vicariously or b) taunt us with all the food we can’t eat by sending us all the food-related movies in our DVD queue. Whatevs. We’re gonna win this one, Netflix. It did crack us up to watch modern-day Jon Favreau right after we’d finished the Friends episodes where he guest stars. 

ICYMI on the blog
I wrote about desires and grace and the difficulty of keeping open hands when you’re waiting.
And recapped our second week of whole 30.

Whole30 Recap: Week Two

So we’re halfway through our Whole30! If you’re wondering what a Whole30 is or curious as to why we’re doing one, check out my Whole30 Recap: Week One

Here’s the nitty gritty for week two:


  • Trying to use fewer potatoes, at least for James- and not always succeeding, ha! I love potatoes and do eat them purposefully to help maintain my milk supply. But if you’re focused on weight loss, you should probably eat fewer of them.
  • I’ve linked to recipes where I used them.
  • We are loving the Whole30 version of bulletproof coffee- our regular black coffee blended with a spoonful of ghee. Tastes incredible and counts as a fat serving for breakfast.
  • I ate a little more fruit this week, but tried to have it with meals and/or pair it with a fat.

Tuesday, Day 8IMG_2971.JPG
breakfast: sausage, spinach, potato hash with bulletproof coffee
lunch: salad with romaine, power greens, beets, blueberries, cucumber, tomato, grilled chicken, pistachios, olive oil and lemon juice for dressing
dinner: roasted garlic chicken soup, apple, almond butter

Wednesday, Day 9
breakfast: nothing. slept in and wasn’t hungry (skipping meals is not recommended! but i’m just being honest here.)
lunch: leftover roasted garlic chicken soup
dinner: Slow Cooker Squeaky Clean Beef Bourgignon (fantastic!) over mashed potatoes
snack: macadamia nuts, blueberries

Thursday, Day 10IMG_2992.JPG
breakfast: frittata with asparagus, prosciutto, and mushrooms. bulletproof coffee
lunch: spicy tuna cakes, avocado, sugar snap peas
dinner: bora bora fireballs (these were tasty but dry. probably because I misread the recipe and made them with ground turkey instead of pork. facepalm), Asian slaw (I just kinda winged this one- cabbage, red peppers, carrots, cashews in a dressing of coconut aminos, rice vinegar and sesame seeds), sweet potato. raspberries and coconut butter
snack: macadamias

IMG_3012.JPGFriday, Day 11
breakfast: sausage, sweet potato, zucchini hash. bulletproof coffee
lunch: kalua pig, sweet potato, sugar snap peas
dinner: burgers with roasted portobello buns, bacon, tomato, avocado, sweet potato fries

Saturday, Day 12
breakfast: sweet potato, spinach and sausage hash
lunch: leftover roasted garlic chicken soup
dinner: burrito bowls (leftover chicken/steak over cauliflower rice, peppers & onions, guac)

Sunday, Day 13
breakfast: hardboiled eggs, green smoothie (smoothies are not recommended, but it was a crazy morning for us and i was scrambling to get veggies+fat in an easy portable breakfast. must plan ahead next time! shoutout to my Instant Pot for three-minute boiled eggs, though.)
lunch: Chipotle salads, plantain chips, guac (Chipotle carnitas are compliant, along with the guacamole and all of the salsas except corn)
dinner: hash browns, fried eggs, homemade sausage

Monday, Day 14
breakfast: pig in a skillet. bulletproof coffee.
lunch: taco mason jar salad with salsa and plantain chips (James). roast beef rollups with veggies, avocado and Tessemae’s Cracked Pepper dressing (me)
dinner: kalua pig, sweet potato, avocado

So far, we’ve noticed a few NSVs (that’s Whole30-speak for non scale victories), including more energy—James says he’s not experiencing an afternoon crash anymore, body composition changes—I had to wear a belt to keep my jeans on the other day, and I feel like I’ve nearly gotten a handle on my sugar addiction/cravings.


On Desires and Grace

Last night I sat in a room with some of my sisters in Christ—worshipping, learning, talking and praying together. My heart wept as I listened to sweet friends tearfully share desires kept safe in their hearts. Facing the stark reality of disappointment and struggling to keep hoping against hope. Wondering how to keep hands open when day after day they are found empty. 

And I’ve been there in the place of closed hands, empty heart—waiting for my deepest hopes and finding only utter despair. Desires are odd, funny things. We keep them buried deep down under our piles of guilt and shame and felt unworthiness. Scared to even articulate them, to ask for them, to pray for them, to share them with our brothers and sisters in the Body. Maybe fearing that in doing so we set in motion some cosmic reverse psychology that ensures we’ll never experience them. Maybe feeling that we have no right to desire such things when our insides are coal-black and wicked. Maybe feeling that we could never deserve them because of what we’ve done or what’s been done to us. Maybe despairing of ever receiving them after so many seasons of expectant waiting. The not-good-enough of our hearts suffocating the yearning for the good, the beautiful, the Imago Dei

And I’ve been there, in the place of deep hurt and stark need and unutterable longing. But don’t you see—can’t you understand that the very existence of these desires, yours and mine, is grace? That the eternal striving for the beautiful and the good merely reflects our soul-striving for our Jesus? Apart from Him, we would have no thirst for good things. No hunger for things that fill empty hands and give joy. Every good and perfect thing that we long for, receive, and experience in this life is grace and grace alone because it originates from the very Source of grace and good things. And both the longing for these gifts and the receiving of them serve to clarify the reflection in the smudged, blurry mirrors of our humanity that always seek to picture Him more clearly. 

This is grace. And that is grace and the weeping and the yearning and the despairing and the heart-cry are grace. The hoping and the expecting and the waiting and oh! the receiving and the giving thanks—all are grace. Grace enveloping us, all around us as we inhale to receive and exhale to give and give thanks and it’s all grace. 

And what of our desires, yours and mine? Can I really hold my precious longings up to heaven with open hands, expecting that they’ll be fulfilled and granted? Can I encourage you to do the same? I can’t pretend to know the future but I can say with certainty that if my Jesus wept before the Father with his desires unmet and unrealized then my tears are not met with shame and guilt. My heart-cries are not met with shrugging platitudes because my Father—my good, beautiful, perfect Father who is Love has promised me good, beautiful, perfect gifts and that’s a promise I can carry boldly to his throne and claim with confidence. 

And I’ll be there again, in that familiar place of wanting and hoping and waiting. Maybe you’ll be there too, and together we’ll name our desires with tear-streaked faces and thrust up our waiting arms, hands open in confident expectation because we know that our Father delights in giving good and perfect gifts to His children.

Things I Love: Edition It’s Freezing

Don’t make fun, Northerners and others who are accustomed to cold weather. It’s been a cold week in Charlotte! We’re bundling up in fuzzy blankets and slippers and staying inside. I thought I’d share a few things that I’m loving lately:

Things I Love: Snow Day



 Aveda Paddle Brush: My hair is long and rather prone to tangles. To be honest, most days I just pile it up on top of my head in a messy bun and call it good. (Mama hair, amirite?) But on days when I want to blow it out and straighten it, this brush does the trick and makes me feel like I’m getting a head massage in to boot. Worth it.

Instant Pot: My parents got me this for Christmas, and it’s currently my kitchen superhero. Especially now during our Whole30. Combination rice cooker, pressure cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, and more- it is incredibly versatile! Just this week I’ve used it to make hardboiled eggs (that are way easy to peel), bone broth, beef stew, and chicken soup. And that was all before Wednesday.  

Faux Leather Bag: When Emma was born, I received a fabulous diaper bag as a gift. It was perfect- tons of pockets, wipeable surface, and cute without being cutesy. But I have a little problem with bags- I like to switch them out a lot because I get bored easily. So I switched to a cute cloth striped bag for a while, and then I discovered this beauty. It’s faux leather (wipeable!), reversible, and it stands up on its own (no more spilling all over the floor!). The only thing that could make it better would be pockets. It looks like the color I have is sold out- but there’s a new version that comes with a removable insert (and pockets!). Soooooo maybe there’ll be a new bag around these parts before long. Also, I saw some similar-looking bags at Old Navy the other day. 

LOFT Heart Earrings: One of Emma’s favorite pastimes is giving me wet, drooly kisses all over the side of my face- including my ears. Freaking adorable, to be sure, but she’s also fascinated with whatever earrings I happen to be wearing. After a close call with a cute dangly earring, I’ve taken to wearing smaller post earrings that don’t dangle at all in order to avoid being de-earringed by my very curious baby. I was placing an order at Loft recently and needed a little something extra to bump me up over the free shipping threshold. And these were on sale! They’re super cute and delicate, and I’m not worried that my sweet babe will rip them out of my ears. So it’s a win all around, really.

Love and Toast Hand Cream: I never used to have a problem with this, but this winter the skin on my hands is horribly dry. Emma and I were browsing through Earth Fare a few weeks ago and I grabbed this on a whim, knowing that I would love the grapefruit flavor and hoping that it would be helpful for my poor hands. And it has been! The smell is divine, and it leaves my hands nice and soft.

And there you have it! I hope that wherever you are, you’re warmer than I am. And if not, dream with me of Spring because it’s right around the corner! 

Whole 30 Recap: Week One


IMG_2967.JPGSo I convinced my husband to do a Whole30 with me. We typically eat fairly “clean:” organic produce, good fats and pastured meats. But I love bread. And ice cream. And cookies. In other words, I’m totally addicted to sugar. After going dairy and gluten free for the first 6 or so months of my daughter’s life, I didn’t think giving up grains and dairy would be too hard. But sugar? That’s been WAY harder than I expected!

What’s a Whole30, anyway? It’s basically 30 days of squeaky-clean Paleo, with some added restrictions. No grains (or “pseudo-grains” like quinoa), no dairy, no sugar (including honey, maple syrup, stevia, etc.), no alcohol (no vanilla extract!), no legumes, no MSG, sulfites, or carrageenan. Also no “Paleo-fied” baked goods: pancakes, waffles, cookies, breads.

Sounds terrible! Why would you do such a thing? Yeah, it’s kind of hardcore. But people who do Whole 30’s regularly consider them sort of a “nutritional reset.” It’s about more than just restricting your food choices for a month- it’s also about breaking any unhealthy psychological relationships you might have with food. That’s the part that really resonated with me- I’m a textbook emotional eater. It’s so easy to turn to food when I’m stressed, bored, lonely, or upset. And that’s a cycle that I’d like to break. 

So what do you eat, anyway? Here’s a little recap of our meals for the week. I try to stay pretty close to the Whole30 template: 2-3 cups of veggies, 1-2 palm-sized portions of animal protein, 1 thumb-sized portion of good fat (ghee, coconut oil, nuts, nut butter, avocado, olive oil).


  • I’m still breastfeeding, so I do snack when I’m hungry (not usually recommended, but okay for nursing mamas!) and I try to have a starchy veggie with each meal.
  • I’ve linked to recipes where I used them.
  • We are loving the Whole30 version of bulletproof coffee- our regular black coffee blended with a spoonful of ghee. Tastes incredible and counts as a fat serving for breakfast.

Tuesday, Day 1
breakfast: frittata with red pepper and spinach (James), eggs with spinach and arugula, bulletproof coffee (me)
lunch: spicy tuna cakes (these are bomb, making more this week!), avocado, carrots & sugar snap peas
dinner: kalua pig (SO good), baked sweet potato, green beans

Wednesday, Day 2
breakfast: Aidell’s Chicken sausage, Japanese sweet potato hash with spinach + arugula, bulletproof coffee
lunch: kalua pig, mason jar salad, olives (James), chopped salad with kalua pig (me)
dinner: best chicken ever (I’ll be honest, this recipe didn’t live up to its title for me, but I do love brining chicken breasts before grilling them in general), balsamic roasted brussels (a pre-Whole30 favorite! I use bacon instead of pancetta), sweet potato mash with rosemary

Thursday, Day 3IMG_2897.JPG
breakfast: pig in a skillet (James), spinach, sausage, sweet potato hash with eggs (me), bulletproof coffee
lunch: leftover Kalua pig + sweet potato, mason jar salad (James), chopped salad with grilled chicken (me) 
dinner: thai turkey meatballs, cashews, spaghetti squash

Friday, Day 4
breakfast: sausage, sweet potato, zucchini hash. bulletproof coffee
lunch: Kalua pork, sweet potato, sugar snap peas
dinner: chocolate chili (this was also solidly “meh” for me) topped with avocado, carrots & celery, roasted potato

Saturday, Day 5 (Valentine’s Day!)IMG_2919.JPG
breakfast: sweet potato + spinach hash, fried eggs, bacon 
lunch: emergency Larabar (me), leftovers (James)
dinner: filet mignon, roasted potatoes, asparagus, strawberries 

Sunday, Day 6
breakfast: BLT breakfast salad
lunch: leftover Kalua pig over sweet potatoesIMG_2941.JPG
dinner: leftover chocolate chili + Applegate hotdogs, avocado

Monday, Day 7
breakfast: spinach, red pepper, and egg scramble. bulletproof coffee.
lunch: leftover kalua pig or chocolate chili
dinner: burrito bowls: cilantro-lime cauliflower rice, leftover chicken and steak, salsa, fajita veggies, guac

That doesn’t sound so bad! Really, it’s not. So far what I love about the Whole30 is that you’re eating real, whole foods and there’s no calorie restriction, so you never have to feel hungry. 

Okay, you’ve convinced me to do it. Where do I start?  Buy the book- It Starts with Food– and read it. It’s full of helpful information and food-nerd science/nutrition talk that will help you really understand the program. And spend some time on the Whole 30 website. I’d also recommend joining some Facebook groups ( if you’re into that sort of thing) or having a buddy for support!

I’d say our Week 1 was successful! Have you done a Whole30? Any advice for us as we start Week 2?

weekend links

slow cooker chicken tikka masala | I love Indian food, and this recipe has the added benefit of being gluten and dairy free. Plus who doesn’t love a good slow-cooker recipe? It’s on the menu for this week!

to the mother with only one child | “Dear mother, don’t worry about enjoying your life.  Your life is hard; your life will be hard.  That doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong—it means you’re doing it right.”

the 30 best baby costumes ever | Um, baby Harry Potter? So cute!